One month after the Getaway

The californian rock group „The Red Hot Chili Peppers“ has released their 11th studio album The Getaway one month ago. How is it working out so far?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are known with most people because of songs like Californication, Snow (Hey Oh), Otherside, By The Way or Under The Bridge, that are hard to ignore without cutting out most of the surrounding world.

After a break for 5 years, the new album was released on 17th of June, 2016. In Austria as well as in Germany and Australia the record immediately reached number one in the charts. Now, one month later, The Getaway is still in the Top 5 (at least in Austria).


However, even with the record being relatively successful, it didn`t strike like earlier works by the Peppers. Actually, one could see the new release as sort of a break with foregone albums.

So, when listening to The Getaway one shouldn`t expect a new version of Californication, Stadium Arcadium or By The Way. To the contrary, the band seems calmer, sort of mellow even, which should not be surprising after 30 years in the business. The band members are all between 50 and 60 now and that is something you can feel while listening to the record. This doesn`t do any harm to the album, though. Its gentleness is its strength, really.

More than ever, there is a concept that can be heared on the record, like a red string connecting one song with the next.just to lace it into a complete artwork. There are no special amplitudes to the songs, they are all on one level, so to speak. Still, there are many catchy tunes to be found on the record, like Sick Love or The Longest Wave. In my opinionthe best way to listen to The Getaway is to listen to the album as a whole, so one can enjoy the concept, but this doesn`t mean that the single tracks can`t hold their ground taken one by one. Every single song can be listened to individually and it`s still impressing.

To get oneself into The Getaway, one should not expect fast funk songs but soft alternative tracks that comprise the bass-focused sound of The Red Hof Chili Peppers.To be concrete, the record sounds more like Porcelain, Snow, Hard To Concentrate, Strip My Mind and other mellow pieces than like Dani California, Give it Away or By The Way.

Those who can warm to a new, older version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers wont be disappointed by The Getaway, which is a solid record even though it passes on funky songs. It`s a record that feels like a roadtrip down the coast lines, like sun, waves and simply a relaxing day in summer.

So, basically, what the Chili Peppers sound like, when they put on a relaxed, unhurried rythm.

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